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Our order desks are open from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday (CST). After hours, our voice mail system will take your message, please leave the best time to confirm your order.

If you need semen shipped the same day as you are ordering. Please call no later than Noon, unless it is an emergency.

To assure the availability of the sires or the type of semen you need, we encourage you to place your order as far in advance as possible.

Instructions for ordering:
Please have the following information when placing your order.
1. Your Name
2. Your Telephone Number (Our Customer Code)
3. Boar Name and /or Code Number
4. Method of Payment
5. Date of Shipping

If you need any help, our staff will be glad to help you with your selections.

Boars are Collected Monday through Friday!


We ship UPS or FedEX Next Day anywhere in the United States and most Countries of the World, so you will receive the finest genetics available the next day. Fresh Specified Semen is packaged in individual bottles or cochettes or the SEMBAGTM with approximately 5 billion cells per dose. Fresh Terminal or Maternal Line semen is extended to approximately 4 billion cells per dose. Life expectancy, when properly stored and rotated, is 5 to 6 days from collection. Check semen storage directions upon arrival. Motility of cells will be greatly reduced in the extender, but worldwide studies verify greater fertility and litter sizes. Check out page 3 for information about our delivery routes.

Semen is now available in the IMV Cochette individual bag system, tubes, or bottles. Semen is still available from IBS in the SEMBAG
TM. The minimum number of doses is ten (10) and the sky is the limit. Each bag will hold up to thirty (30) doses and comes with an easy pour spout. When you receive SEMBAGTM semen you will need to fill your own bottles at your operation. Bottles can be shipped ground thus saving costs.

For those wishing to see Boars at INTERNATIONAL BOAR SEMEN, please be advised that boars can be brought into the viewing room for observation. Due to collection schedules, please call ahead to arrange a viewing. Preferred viewing times 10:30 AM to 3:00 PM on Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday. No boar viewing on Mondays. We welcome visitors to IBS.

“How to Use Artificial Insemination-Using Fresh Boar Semen” — This video demonstrates heat detection, semen collection and storage, proper handling, and actual insemination procedure.  “IBS’s Master Gene” — A video showing of the boars at IBS.
Starting in June, 2005, our catalog will be available on CD for you to evaluate on your personal computer in your office.

Frozen semen allows you to access our genetics for use any time you wish, and has an unlimited shelf life if properly stored. IBS offers two different forms of frozen semen.

Outstanding herd sires from IBS’s are offered in this form. The pellet processed was used from 1976 through 1997.

IBS offers frozen semen in either a 1 ml or 5 ml straws. One straw and one bottle of thaw solution using a quick 50 second thaw procedure offers a quick and easy dose of semen ready for insemination. Straw frozen semen is stable for up to 48 hours after thawing.
Equipment needed Liquid Nitrogen tank, water bath, thermometer, scissors, thaw solution, timer.

Call IBS for boars available and more details. Call for Prices !!!

Certificates for registration of Purebred Litters are available for $20.00 over Association fee if done within 30 days after farrowing or $30.00 over Association fees if done after 31 days of farrowing. Breeding Certificates are available on semen bought as Specified Semen. 4-H, FFA, and Junior Purebred Swine Registry members will receive breeding certificates at no extra charge above the Association fees.

METHODS OF PAYMENT                                                               

For your convenience, we accept MasterCard & Visa. We will ship C.O.D. (All C.O.D. orders will incur a service charge). To qualified customers, we will open an account. Please call for details.

SEMEN PRICES Click on link to see our prices!

We strive to be very competitive with our first price to you. Prices are subject to change without notice. Most changes are due to the US$ exchange rate fluctuations. * All prices on this website or in our catalog are quoted as Domestic Prices. Contact us for export prices! Also, call us for volume prices.


IBS will ship your order by the most economical, fastest carrier possible. Shipping charges will be based on the weight and your location. We can get to most locations in the United States, Canada, Mexico and most foreign countries the next day.

IBS also has several direct delivery routes in Iowa.  Please ask if your operation would be close to one of these routes.

If your supply order is placed before 1:00 PM or semen order is placed before 12:00 noon, we can ship UPS, Fed EX or USPS that day. Orders can be shipped Monday through Friday (Saturday delivery only where service is available).

Production & Sales Office: Corporate Office:
30355 260th Street                                3354 140th Street
ELDORA, IA 50627                               CLEARFIELD, IA 50840

Call Toll Free: Fax 24 Hours a Day:
1-800-247-7877                                       1-641-939-3691


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