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HOME / Export

Exporting Fresh or Frozen Semen

IBS’s goal is the same today as it was in 1976, to supply the world’s best genetics to our customers around the world to help them improve their swine production system with genetics that perform in the barns as well as on your financial sheet.  Our goal is to help you make rapid genetic progress at the most economical costs.

IBS has exported swine semen to many countries around the world since 1976.   Our stud houses around 150 elite sires from the major breeds, Heritage breeds and Terminal and Maternal Lines to help you develop genetic programs that produce the animals for your breeding herds as well as the Pork for your local consumers!

We have shipped to over 45 countries world wide including China.  Contact us about shipping to you.  It is not as complicated as you think.

Export Options

Fresh Semen (Chilled Liquid)

Fresh semen is extended with the best long life extender that yields strong livability and higher conception rates up to seven (7) days after collection.  We ship fresh semen worldwide.

Frozen Semen   

Our frozen semen is frozen in straws using our new freezing method that has resulted in improved conception and farrowing numbers born.  We use the 5 ml and  2.5 ml straws.  Our thawing protocol is simple and easy to use.  Reports from customers world wide have results between 70-95 farrowing rates with litter sizes up 13 pigs born live.   For domestic orders we use the smaller dry shipper to the right, using UPS or FedEX, depending on our customer’s location.  We are continually researching new freezing and thawing techniques to improve the use of frozen semen.

Shipping Frozen Semen

We now recommend using MVE’s Doble LN2 tanks for shipping frozen semen.  They can use either vapor or liquid nitrogen, thus reducing the need for shipping “Hazardous Materials” status and reducing costs.  We have used this tank for many years with excellent customer satisfaction.Doble 20 (Liquid Nitrogen Dewar) We use the vapor option when shipping and then the customer can fill the tank with liquid nitrogen upon arrival and use it as a regular LN2 tank.