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International Boar Semen Offers the First and Continuously Evolving Custom Collection Service for Frozen Boar Semen

IBS is the oldest stud offering to custom collect and freeze your boar(s). We have available, to producers, a cost effective program for custom collection which enables you to take advantage of our “industry recognized expertise” in semen collection, processing and distribution. Give us a call to discuss how the oldest custom collection program in the industry can work for you.

Call us today to arrange for your boars to be Custom Collected at IBS. Join the others who are using IBS to take the load off of their farm staff and to take advantage of IBS’s “Quality Semen Assurance” processing.

What Frozen Semen Has to Offer You!

Frozen semen has numerous advantages:

* Freezing superior genetics of great-great-grandparent stock for use decades later
* Genetic backup and assurance incase of disease outbreak
* Genetic backup and assurance incase of natural disasters
* Genetic backup and assurance due to untimely death
* Export opportunities
* …and many, many more depending upon your objectives!

Frozen Boar Semen for Transgenic Programs

If your research or business needs genetic preservation of highly valuable transgenic lines, then contact International Boar Semen today about the possibilities of securing your genetics in the from of frozen semen today.  International Boar Semen was the first boar stud in North America as well as the first to offer a frozen semen program.  Since then, we have developed one of the best freezing protocols to ensure great fertilization and conception results.

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